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Voicing What Matters

“Vote” is a mobile app designed to re-imagine the current voting system. It is easy to see the overwhelming flaws embedded in the design of the traditional voting system. Due to the lack of flexibility and easily formed confusion, we are left with a society of unengaged voters. At a time when the political system is highly charged it is important for everyone to get their voice out. Within my research, it was apparent that the current ballot operation is only suitable for a select set of Americans. How do we support the traveler or the disabled, how can they voice their opinion? Or perhaps the CEO or the blue collar worker who can’t seem to step aside from their work. This application is created specifically for those who struggle with the current system. Vote should be easy to use with a focus on security. It should also inspire action; casting a ballot.

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The app was designed with three specific features: in mind the news, a voter handbook, and most importantly, the ballot. The sole idea was to create an all-inclusive place for knowledge, opinion and action. With Vote, you can save the information you need, access it on your own time, and make your voice heard.


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