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As creative people, the passion and drive to marry concept and creation is a never ending cycle. We are constantly producing and reproducing ideas and formulating their final executions. Yet in the midst of all this ideation we are finding even more new ways to produce our ideas, which then generate future ideas. The balance of changing mediums, new sources of inspiration, the expanding role of technology; all are constantly influencing the outcome of a design. 

Inspired Design
—Uncover Magazine


“Uncover” is a magazine created to inspire creativity and shed light on the many design perspectives. Using one concept/ word to influence the entire issue, the magazine will constantly change. As design adapts through style and context, Uncover aims to evolve with it. The magazine follows the designer through their process of inspiration, creation and finished product. Essentially the magazine is the raw, uncut behind the scenes look at the making of the cover.

The inaugural issue was designed to highlight the relationship between the designer and craft. The cover design was made entirely to scale and crafted in a digital to analogue process. Varying mediums such as laser cutting, string art, graffiti, paper art and more, were explored and utilized for the design.


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