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From: Concept Store


From Us, To You
—From: Concept Store


My team was tasked with envisioning a retail store with exclusive products that targets and fills the current market gaps. Through research and analysis of generational habits, the current store brand landscape and pinpointing target audiences, we found a demand in a few specific areas. Consumers are looking for items with a story that supports their desire for personal expression. Additionally, we discovered there is a shift happening within the definition of consumer value. People are moving away from the notion of monetary value and instead are searching for value in knowledge, craftsmanship, ultimately searching for a sense of connection to the world around them.

The From: store functions as both a retail store and exhibitory space aimed at establishing an interaction with the audience; sharing our core values of transparency, self expression and partnership.

The From: store and packaging were conceptualized around the idea of receiving a letter. Our products are a gift to the customer, specialized just for them. “From us, to you.”

Lisa Lindh, Jay Jeon, Jessica Wonomihardjo, Brandi Steele

Silver — Graphis New Talent Annual 2018

Packaging of the World, 2018
The Dieline, 2018
Behance, Member Galleries




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From: Basic

“From: Basic” is a line of beauty and personal care products. This label is designed to be the essential skin product for the consumers who want simplicity in their daily routine. It holds the core values of the brand, while ultimately creating a recurring consumer base.

We believe in making effective products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. We believe our products are of good value based on the ingredients used and the people who craft the products.

Clear bottles and die cut boxes, paired with white labels/boxes and simple black typography, show the no nonsense approach of this brand. An extra dimension was added to the labels through the use of an embossed stamp, to symbolize the brand seal of approval.

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The “From: Partnership” brand is the most individual of the overarching store labels. While adhering to the overall core values, this label independently exhibits the aspect of partnership for the From Store. Every quarter, the store will partner with a local business to collaborate on a new edition of products. By introducing such flexibility into the store, space is left for adaptation and change within the demanding markets.

For this first edition, we partnered with a local ceramics artist and designer, Julia Lemke. Her small business Totem Co., which is based out of Berkeley, is a collection of homeware and jewelry inspired by natural forms, simplicity and traditional craft. All her products are thrown and crafted by hand, then fashioned through her personally contrived chemical based glazing process. 

The packaging for this edition was inspired by Julia’s scientific processes and artistry in her pieces. Each and every box, is as uniquely designed as the product it holds, giving each unit its own personal narrative.

From: Partnership
Totem Co.

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