Collective Pencils

The project brief asked for the design of a new packaging structure for colored pencils. From there I formed a brand, known as Collective Pencils, and built the visual language around it. The problem I focused on was tackling the visualization of every color, much like “knowing what you’ve got.” The secondary goal wasto create a pencil box that is cost effective and sustainable, in addition to being beautifully designed. The final product is a sturdy and lasting box, using a series of trays with free standing supports, entirely made of paper products.

All in the Spectrum
—Collective Pencils

CP 06


Collective Pencils were designed with color in mind. An importance was placed on building a structure that makes all pencils accessible and visible at once, in turn creating a beautiful spectrum of colors. The box was inspired by the Pantone Swatch Book, with its mobility and function within the structure. It was then translated into a physical box that celebrates color.

CP 01
CP 03
CP 04
CP 02
CP 04