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Cafe Reveille

Café Réveille is located in the SOMA district in a naturally lit, open space. Designed to be a place of community and warmth, the café thrives without wifi or outlets, in an effort to create that neighborly interaction. The café exists as a branch to the overarching Réveille Coffee Co. brand, which makes the one of a kind nature of this café truly stand out. The juxtaposition of coffee to wine bar, simply adds to the personality. In homage to the brand’s origins, this location features the perfect mix of sleek California design and French outdoor café. From its popping pink tabletops to the concrete floors this restaurant is full of good vibes. Come for the coffee. Stay for the Orange Blossom Water Waffles. 

Pink Makes the Drink
—Café Réveille

Hanging Wall Sign MockUp 5.jpg

Above all else, Café Réveille is a collaborative effort. Housing two entities under one roof, with individual identities the current branding has begun to overwhelm the overarching brand. To reconnect the two specialties and ultimately enhance the intricacies of the café, a new logomark was created. A variety of word marks were explored before landing on this lettering style. The organic nature of the mark, pulls on the organic nature of the brand. 


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